• INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH C-CLAMP is made of heavy-duty cast iron with a machined, stainless steel screw for optimal durability during the messiest projects.
  • COATED SURFACE construction protects your clamps from moisture, preventing rust and corrosion from damaging your clamps. Blue Collar Tools C-Clamps will outlast uncoated clamps.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ENGINEERING keeps your C-Clamp from bending and warping with reinforcing fins allowing it to squeeze with more force.
  • 6-INCH OPENING is perfect for when you need a firm hold on your metal fabricating or woodworking projects in the garage and woodshop.
  • SWIVELING CLAMP PAD floats in a low-resistance ball-and-socket joint to apply pressure evenly and prevents marring while turning the clamp screw.

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