Makita drill bits(concrete) lock type

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  • ✅ Makita’s Complete ROUND Shank Drill Bit Kit For Rounded Chuck Hammer Drills with 7 Premium, Long-Lasting, Light-Duty, Tungsten Carbide Tipped Pilot Bits that prepare the way for EASY & RELIABLE Screwing, Anchoring and Fastening into 4 Inch Masonry like Light Concrete, Brick & Cinder Block
  • ✅ 7 ROUND SHANK DRILL BIT SET with all needed sizes includes: 2 Bits of 3/16″ + 2 Bits of 1/4″ + 1 Bit of 5/32″ + 1 Bit of 5/16″ + 1 Bit of 3/8″ | Engineered in Japan for optimal use with Makita 3/8″ & 1/2″ Chuck Hammer Drills while also fully compatible with Rounded 3/8″ & 1/2″ Chuck Hammer Drills
  • ✅ EASILY Drill LONGER & PRECISELY into 4″ Light Concrete, Brick & General Masonry with Makita’s Reinforced Premium Tungsten Carbide Tip & Steel Bit Integrity for unmatched LONG LIFE, SAFE Drilling & RELIABLE Screwing & Fastening, while Drill bit flute design allows for maximal amount of concrete removal for both EASE OF USE and EFFECTIVENESS in concrete/masonry drilling applications
  • ✅ AVOID LOWER PRICED & lower quality bits that wobble, prematurely wear and strain the powertool, resulting in high bit consumption rate, project completion delays, ineffective anchoring & fastening and making the overall drilling much more difficult | Makita makes concrete drilling EASY, FAST & RELIABLE, with the right sizes for the most common Tapcon screws and holes. Please see sizing chart image for the corresponding pilot drill bit & fastener diameters
  • ✅ Engineered for 3/8″ & 1/2″ Standard Chuck Hammer Driver Drills, these Bits are IDEAL for General Contractors, DIY, or Homeowners who need a wide variety of concrete drill bit sizes and lengths, all conveniently placed and sleeve protected in a set specifically designed for the most common used sizes in concrete drilling applications

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4mm D05234, 5mm D05518, 6mm D05430, 8mm D05474, 10mm D05496, 12mm D05511


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